Youtube premium vs spotify reddit

But how does it compare to the very well-established and well-known Spotify? Which music service should you choose? Our article has all the answers. The fundamental aspect of any self-respecting music streaming service is… the music of course! Music streaming services can be inexpensive, it can have a perfect app and a lot of unique features, but without good music it will have no future.

Google manages to implement the search system in a more effective way than Spotify can. On YouTube Music you can filter the results by song, album, artist and playlist directly with a touch on the dedicated buttons under the search bar. You have to scroll through the list and browse through the various content presented in groups. What I appreciate most in Spotify compared to its Google counterpart is the presence of playlists customized according to mood, specific topics, kinds of weather, movies, TV series and so on.

Both services have a function called Radio.

youtube premium vs spotify reddit

You can start playing a radio from an artist, an album or a song and both YouTube Music and Spotify create playlists with different artists without straying too far from the original theme. In the same way, both streaming services have a page dedicated to discovering new content. Spotify calls this the navigation bar, while YouTube Music calls this the hotlist. At the top, Spotify has a horizontal list of playlists that it considers suitable for the moment. The hotlist is a collection of trendy albums or tracks from around the world.

These are two different ways of presenting new and equally valid content, the preference of one over the other is purely subjective. When using this type of premium account, you can also choose whether to display the video of the chosen song if available or just the classic album cover. There is a free unlimited version simply called YouTube Music that allows you to listen to any song you want. Spotify is much more useful than the free version of its YouTube counterpart.

On Spotify mobile, you're stuck in shuffle mode and only have a small number of skips available per hour you can play whatever you want on the PC application though. Is that too many negative aspects?This music streaming platform debuted in and was relaunched last year with a new music-focused mobile app available for iOS and Android. With the paid version, subscribers do not receive advertisements, can play songs in the background and can download songs and music videos for offline listening.

This is probably because Apple takes a 30 per cent cut from developers for in-app purchases including subscriptions. While there are several music streaming services available in Singapore, the biggest player is Spotify, which counts million paid users worldwide and offers a song library of around 50 million. How does YouTube Music compare with Spotify? Google has so far declined to reveal the size of YouTube Music's song library.

But YouTube Music offers more than just songs from the music labels - it has live performances, remixes, covers, music videos and other user-uploaded content. For titles that are available as a song and as a music video, users can seamlessly switch between the two via a toggle in the app. Free users can select any song and skip tracks as often as they like for YouTube Music, unlike Spotify's free tier for mobile, which has limits on skipping songs and song selection.

The YouTube Music app has a smart download feature that will automatically download songs to your phone overnight using Wi-Fi, based on your listening habits and preferences, so that users will have songs for their daily commute. There is no hard limit on the number of songs that can be downloaded to a device - it all depends on the amount of internal storage available.

YouTube Music cannot be played in the background for free users, which means the smartphone screen is always on and hence drains the battery. In contrast, Spotify lets free users play songs in the background. Paid users for YouTube Music can stream music at up to kbps kilobit per second in quality, compared with kbps for Spotify Premium users. The user's YouTube Music search history is saved to his or her regular YouTube search history, potentially cluttering the latter with undesired music-related terms.

I would have preferred for the two platforms to be separate. Of course, there is no such issue with the audio-only Spotify.

youtube premium vs spotify reddit

YouTube Music does not offer podcasts in its app, unlike Spotify. Instead, Google has a separate Podcast app. But podcasts are a rapidly growing segment. Spotify, for one, is investing heavily in exclusive original podcasts. If you are worried about data usage from streaming music on the go, YouTube Music may not be for you. While M1 and Singtel offer unlimited music streaming using mobile data for Spotify, there is currently no similar waiver for YouTube Music. We have been experiencing some problems with subscriber log-ins and apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Until we resolve the issues, subscribers need not log in to access ST Digital articles. But a log-in is still required for our PDFs. Skip to main content.

Vincent Chang. Print Edition Subscribe. Branded Content.Streaming services have taken the music industry by storm. Gone are days of buying music albums online or downloading songs from unknown sources. At first, Spotify, Pandora, and some handful of companies were in the race. Now, the competition is fired up with the entry of AppleAmazon, and Google.

Amazon bundles its music app with Prime video as Amazon Prime membership. In this post, we will compare Amazon Music to YouTube Music on the grounds of superior functions and more bang for the buck. After that, we shall conclude which one should you use. There is no native support for Mac and Windows, though. Amazon Music is accessible everywhere. User experience does matter in a music streaming service. YouTube Music has kept home, discover, and library menu at the bottom.

You can access the downloads, liked songs, albums, etc. The profile menu is at the upper right corner, and YouTube should move it to the bottom tabs for an easy access. Amazon Music felt slightly confusing to me. The home page shows the trending songs and albums. They have divided it into another two sections, including Stations and Playlists. The recent songs are in a separate tab instead of being in My Music section.

As its case with any Music streaming service, both YouTube Music and Amazon Music ask your favorite artists and language preference during setup. YouTube Music already has your listening habits through the YouTube app, and unsurprisingly, it does a better job at the recommendation.

The app displays new videos, favorite artists, songs, and playlists based on Collage, Relaxation, Road Trip, Office hours, Gym, and more. There is something for everyone. The hotlist section shows the trending videos from the YouTube platform.

Overall, YouTube Music is a mixture of music albums, videos, and live performances. I like how it has an integrated video section right inside the app.

Amazon is pretty straight forward here. On the home screen, it shows the new songs in banner, playlists, and most popular songs in preferred languages. You can also browse through trending playlists set by the moderators. Both apps are jam-packed with features to improve the listening experience. Amazon Music offers high-quality music downloads at kbps.

You can use the sleep timer function to close the app after the completion of the playlist automatically. The company provides loudness normalization, which keeps the overall sound profile at the same level all songs. Amazon has integrated Alexa integration into the app. With a single tap, you can ask Alexa to play a song. YouTube Music also offers high-quality downloads at kbps. The app allows you to auto-download mixtape based on your usage.

The automated suggestions have been a hit and miss for me. YouTube has integrated Siri shortcuts support in the app. You can set Siri to open up any playlist and play a song via a set phrase. The equipment on which you are playing the song makes a major difference in the listening experience. Amazon's app had problems with tap gestures.YouTube was once a simple service. You simply uploaded your videos to the platform or watched videos other people uploaded.

However, it has since diversified its portfolio, so to speak. Here is everything in YouTube and what it does. YouTube is the platform and YouTube Premium is the service. YouTube Music and Music Premium are the same, but only for music content. You can read about those with the link below. Read next: Check out every YouTube offshoot here! For example, with a Music Premium subscription, you can open YouTube Music and listen to music ad-free and in the background with offline downloads.

However, if you go onto actual YouTube and watch a Binging With Babish video, it will still have ads. The prices for YouTube Premium are a bit on the expensive side. The family plan includes you and up to five other people for a total of six. You can read more about YouTube Premium here.

YouTube Music Premium is the weird one in the family. It comes as part of the YouTube Premium membership. This competes directly with Apple Music, Spotify, and others. You can read more about YouTube Music Premium here. Usually we can find good reasons for you to get one thing or another thing.

However, this is not the case this time. YouTube Premium is obviously the better bargain.

youtube premium vs spotify reddit

We can see how all of this can be confusing. However, it all boils down to the choice between getting both services for one price or just getting the music subscription by itself. Did we miss anything? Sound off in the comments! Learn more about YouTube! Related Articles. Comments Read comments.

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YouTube Music vs Apple Music vs Spo­ti­fy: Which Is the Best Music Stream­ing Service

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus international giveaway! April 5, Join our Newsletter Get the very best of Android Authority in your inbox. News, reviews, deals, apps and more. Your source for all things Android!Since then, numerous competitors have sprung up, with iHeartRadioLast.

In fact, Pandora has been so successful at radio-style programming that SiriusXM recently agreed to purchase it. Spotify, meanwhile, was conceived by two Swedish businessmen who simply wanted a way to listen to all their favorite music in the same place.

The service debuted in and has since gone gangbusters, growing into one of the most successful on-demand music platforms in the world with more than million active daily users and more than million paying monthly subscribers. We pit Spotify and Pandora against each other to help you decide which is right for you. For years, Spotify enjoyed a massive lead in this category, touting tens of millions of songs in an ever-growing library.

Following the acquisition of Rdio, however, Pandora inked deals with several major record labels and eventually launched the on-demand Pandora Premium. Some artists have exclusive deals in place with other platforms, while others prefer to keep their work away from streaming services entirely. All told, Spotify holds a slim lead in sheer numbers, but there is essentially no difference between the two here.

Realizing the invaluable worth of friendship, Pandora and Spotify afford their users the ability to connect with friends, share their favorite songs, or simply recommend artists and playlists. However, these streaming clients differ vastly when it comes to comparing the social components of each service.

Users do have the ability to share their favorite stations across Facebook and Twitter, but because on-demand playback is locked behind a paywall, it feels fairly empty. Spotify easily gets the nod in this category, providing users with a slew of options for sharing music and connecting with friends.

Spotify users can share individual songs, entire playlists, and even specific artists with any of their friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Skype, Tumblr, or any other app you can send a regular old text link to.

The service also lets users share and collaborate on public playlists, and future updates promise even more opportunities to enjoy music with friends. Music discovery is the backbone of Pandora.

The Music Genome Project we mentioned above is the engine that drives Pandora, offering the uncanny ability to provide listeners with songs they like based on a vast amount of variables, down to the unique cocktail of instruments, vocals, and pacing that make the song what it is. In addition to creating radio stations, the Music Genome Project helps to curate playlists if you have Pandora Premium by automatically adding music once you have selected a few songs.

Spotify is no slouch in this category either, and the company has made acquisitions to get better at it over time. Spotify is constantly adding similar features so you can keep discovering.

This streaming game began with music, but eventually, both Spotify and Pandora thought it wise to incorporate another audio-only format into their platforms: podcasts.

Add in a big sports push set to come thanks to its acquisition of The Ringer, and Spotify gets the nod. With a free Pandora account, subscribers are limited to radio functionality — pick a song or an artist, or an album, or any combinationand it builds you a station.

Both mobile and web users have access to similar features — the same amount of skipped songs, the same available stations, and the same occasional advertisement. For Spotify users, the free experience is far more robust. The ads are here, too — as is the loss in audio quality — but with a free Spotify account, you can listen to music on-demand via the desktop and web apps mobile users are limited to on-demand listening from 15 playlists that Spotify generates based on their taste every 24 hours.

You can also try the ad-free versions of each service for free. Both services also offer a discount for a yearly membership.It followed in the footsteps of Spotify by offering both free and paid ad-free subscriptions, as well as a more dynamic generation of song suggestions based on user data.

The factor that makes music streaming platforms so appealing is their ability to use your data in order to create a highly-personalised service. This involves generating automatically-created playlists based on what you listen to and show interest in. When it comes to a question of YouTube Music vs. Spotify, both are extremely good at creating tailored playlists and finding music that a user will enjoy.

Source: 9to5Google. Both platforms are constantly making changes to compete in an increasingly crowded market. In November, YouTube launched an attractive student discount to position it as an alternative to Spotify. Indeed, as of JanuaryYouTube Music is now compatible with Sonos speakers, making it a more viable music service for people looking to host parties or just hang out with friends. There is no doubt that YouTube Music will continue to adapt and make itself a serious contender in the market.

However, Spotify is also continually adapting its platform. A recent move by the company saw them introduce a feature which allows users to mute and block artists. This came after a backlash from users about the presence of R.

Spotify has shown itself to be in tune with the requirements of its audience and is leading innovation in the way we listen to music. Source: Engadget. While Spotify is almost exclusively used as a music streaming platform, YouTube began as a hosting platform for video content.

It therefore has a much wider scope, as its videos now cover music, gaming, fashion, and food. Therefore, in the battle of Youtube Music vs. Spotify, the question comes down to whether users will prefer an individual application or service for each media e.

Another advantage that Google has over Spotify is money. Some predict that Spotify will never turn a serious profit due to the nature of the music industry, no matter what they make from adverts and subscriptions. Google, on the other hand, is famously a jack-of-all-trades and has the financial capability to test out new ventures. If you are interested in advertising on Youtube, get in touch with us to see how we can help.

Currently, Spotify still reigns supreme as the go-to music streaming platform. It has made a name for itself in that particular niche and has created a loyal customer base who are unlikely to switch on a whim. However, YouTube also has years of brand consolidation under its belt.

Which platform do you prefer?

Battle of the Algorithms The factor that makes music streaming platforms so appealing is their ability to use your data in order to create a highly-personalised service. Verdict: Both Google and Spotify are experts at using data to create and maintain their audiences. New Updates Both platforms are constantly making changes to compete in an increasingly crowded market.

Verdict: Spotify has the edge in terms of useful features at the moment, but YouTube Music has shown that it will be quick to evolve and compete. V erdict: As a Google product, YouTube Music has massive potential for expansion — the possibilities of this platform are very exciting. What would you like to do?

See more blogs View our case studies Ask us a question.So Google decided to try its luck with a new music streaming service called YouTube Music. However, Google remains tight-lipped about the future of Google Play Music which the company has been promoting for years now. For now, you have three behemoths providing you a vast and ever-growing library of music.

Spotify has over 40 million songs with 87 million paying subscribers. Apple Music is not too far behind with 56 million subscribers and over to 45 million songs.

YouTube is yet to reveal the numbers. Google Play Music had about 7 million subscribers in It's soon for them to show their numbers, especially when the competition has a head start. It's apparent that you are confused as to which service you should use. So I shall highlight the salient features of all three music services for you. After that, you can weigh your options and choose the best one.

Let's get started. Apple Music has a neat UI with 4 tabs at the bottom. First one is Library where you can access songs by playlists, artist, albums or downloaded music. Scroll a little to find the Recently Added collection. Spotify by default has a dark mode. The Home tab houses recently played songs and recommendations both. Next to it are the Search tab and Your Library tabs which are self-explanatory. Unsurprisingly, the Hotlist tab carries videos because the service populates it for you.

The Library is where you will find your playlists and saved songs. YouTube Music also sports a dark mode, and I feel it's pure black compared to Spotify's dark mode.

Also, it provides a separate tab for discovering new music. Each service offers a different recommendation since they use different algorithms. If you like a song by one artist say Eminemyou may also like other songs by him and his band members and all other artists who have collaborated with him on different projects Dr.

Dre, Rihanna. That makes sense but is not always true. Then there are music recommendations based on search terms, listening habits, moods, and categories. Here are our readers' consensus and my personal experience. Apple Music has an excellent editorial team that curates and creates some of the best playlists.

Also, Apple Music's recommendation engine is really good at guessing what I would like to listen. Humans beat AI, take that you machine. Spotify follows Apple's suit. While it carries plenty of good music to recommend, it falls just a tad bit short of Apple Music.

Still, I enjoyed music recommendations and curated playlists. YouTube is a Google product. As such, Google already knows what you like thanks to all the music related queries you have been searching in both Google Search and YouTube.

Even though I just started using it, YouTube remembered that I once, long ago, searched for the Believer music video.

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